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My Ultimate Hair Care Tips for Vegans ( + Mini-Reviews)

Updated: Apr 9

Contrary to popular belief, there are many ways to care for your mane as a vegan. The vegan way is to basically only use vegan & cruelty-free brands and/or plant-based DIYs. I will divide this post up according to different treatments. Don’t worry, all the brand recommendations are found in European countries. If you’re not from a European country, some brands are worldwide (e.g. Lush, Nivea) and otherwise, you can always follow a DIY 😊

Root Masks

You may wonder: what the heck are root masks? The definition is literally spelled out: they are masks to be used at the scalp. Their functions vary obviously depending on the brands and lines. Most root masks are made to either moisturize the scalp, treat dandruff, promote hair growth or improve the scalp skin overall. Here are some of my brand tips:

  • Lush Superbalm Scalp Treatment (28.50 CHF at Lush)

Mini-Review -- Since it is a thick balm, I only use it on the areas, where the hairs are most pulled when I make a ponytail (which is every day). The areas I use it on is the front of my head up to my crown and at the nape. Once rubbed in between my fingers, the balm turns quickly into a liquid oil. It really soothes the scalp, especially right after taking that painful hair elastic off 😍

  • Lush New Hot Oil Treatment (13.50 CHF at Lush)

  • Lee Stafford Hair Growth Scalp Serum (17.90 CHF at Douglas

Mini-Review -- Beware: after using this serum, always wash it off with clarifying shampoo, otherwise you will have build-up on your scalp! Other than that, it works fabulously! I‘ve been using it for 3 months and just now people are noticing that my hair has been growing really fast! It doesn‘t do wonders on bald spots but it does make the hairs that you have grow like weeds! I also grew out a lot of new baby hairs all over my head.

As you may notice, the world-famous Lush Roots Hair Treatment is not on the list. I am on my third pot right now but I don’t intend to buy it anymore as it is not vegan. I didn’t realize this until I started to write about how great this root mask is. I wanted to list some of the ingredients so I checked on the Lush website and saw one of them is honey.

I didn’t check the ingredients properly when I bought the product but mistakes do happen. I was contemplating on writing about that fact but I want to be honest on this blog, so I decided to share this story to show that it’s okay to make mistakes. Just learn from them and get on with your life.

One DIY that I always use for my roots when I get dandruff or notice that they need a makeover is just plain cold-pressed coconut oil. Just use as much as you need, massage it onto your scalp and leave it on for minimum 20 minutes. If you can, leave it overnight but obviously place a towel on your pillow. I don’t stick to just one brand. For me every coconut oil works the same as long as they are:

  • cold-pressed

  • organic

  • and unrefined

If you have no idea where to buy such coconut oils, I recommend Alnatura (5.20 CHF at Migros). It is a German brand and can be found in Germany and Switzerland but you can also order online. However, like I said, any brands you find locally that meet these criterias as just fine.

Hair Masks

As you all know, hair masks are made to prevent breakage and provide moisture. They are to be used around max. once every week. I only use hair masks in emergency situations, e.g. after being in chlorine-filled pools or saltwater spas. Even then, I combine my hair masks with my usual hair oils/serums (see next category). Due to my long hair situation, I use hair masks only past my chin, as the hairs there need more moisture. My preferences are therefore masks that really hydrate and nourish the hair. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Moroccan Oil Weightless Hydrating Mask ($41.00 at Moroccan Oil's website) Mini-Review -- This mask truly is weightless! I have long, dark and thick hairs but not many hairs. So this means I am prone to weighed-down hair when using the wrong products for me. I love the smell of this mask and I don‘t need to use a hair oil/serum after using this mask 😍

  • Lee Stanford Coco Loco Coconut Mask (11.90 CHF at Douglas)

Another popular hair mask DIY is, yet again, coconut oil! I don’t use it in the shower but rather before I shower. Just leave it on overnight, wash twice with shampoo in the morning (...I warned you!), continue your normal hair routine and enjoy your good hair day! Again, don’t forget to check the labels of the coconut oil.

Hair Oils / Serums I don’t use conditioners because I usually apply hair oils / serums after washing and towel-drying my hair. Yes, they are usually more expensive than hair conditioners but they are really great investments because you need to use much less product, they are weightless and money doesn’t wash down the drain (literally). They also provide moisture much more effectively than conditioners. My personal favorites are:

  • Yves Rocher Anti-Breakage Strengthening Serum (12.90 CHF at Yves Rocher's website) Mini-Review -- This serum really works wonders without weighing the hair down or making it an oily mess! You can use as much as you need and your hair will just look fresh and new! But beware: use this only on towel-dried hair because, if used on completely dry hair, the product may be sticky for the first few minutes. You may use it on dry hair if you wet the brush. No problem at all!

  • Lee Stafford Arganoil from Morocco (19.90 CHF at Douglas)


Although my ends are dry, my scalp is prone to oiliness. If your hair is like that, I feel you! So I always stick to shampoos that don't weigh my hair down, don't provide extra moisture and clarify my scalp.

  • Nivea Comforting Micellar Shampoo (5.95 CHF at Coop) Mini-Review -- I use this shampoo only when I need clarifying. This really does the job well without irritating the scalp! I don‘t use styling products at all but I do get build-up from pollution from time to time. Use this shampoo once every two weeks and you will feel like a newborn baby.

  • Lee Stanford Hair Growth Shampoo (14.00 CHF at Douglas): I don‘t know how it works but I guess it also helped with the hair growth along with the Hair Growth Scalp Serum from the same lime.

  • Lee Stafford Coco Loco Shampoo (10.90 CHF at Douglas)

Dry Shampoos Oh, boy is it an adventure trying to find cruelty-free dry shampoos! I thought for a long time that Batiste was cruelty-free, but after reading a few articles, I was shocked! So, now I have to search for brands that not only forbid animal testing but also provide good quality dry shampoos. 😡 I personally don’t like the Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo because the powder’s consistency is similar to baby powder. For me, the powder itself is way too large and makes my dark hair look dusty and dandruff-y, no matter how much I massage it in. Also, using less may look less dusty but that doesn’t make a difference in the greasiness. Since I don‘t have any dry shampoos yet that I can call a personal favorite I guess you may have to wait for an update. Don't worry, I'm actively trying! 😭

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