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Guide to Eating Out: Amsterdam

Updated: Apr 9

So I spent just one night in Amsterdam back in February. I was in the Netherlands because I had to take care of some business in Groningen, so I made a whole weekend trip out of it. It wasn‘t my first time in Amsterdam tho, so I knew kinda where to go and didn't do as much sight-seeing as on the first trip.

In Amsterdam, as multi-cultural and people-freindly as it is, there really are more than enough vegan options there! Also in my experience, when asking whether certain foods are vegan, all personnel knew exactly what the word "vegan" means. This isn't the case in a lot of European countries, so it's refreshing to see that knowledge spreading there. Go vegans!

In-Room Afternoon Delight at the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel

The first meal I had was a room service at the Amsterdam Marriott hotel, where I stayed at. I had a veggie burger, french fries and a garden salad.

That meal honestly was a high-fat, high-caloric meal due to the fact that I had a long train ride from Groningen and I did the mistake of not preparing enough food for the trip. Also, the tram ride from the Centraal station to the hotel wasn‘t easy either because the ov-chipkaart (public transport card, similar to the Oyster Card in London) didn‘t have enough cash inside for the ride. So I had to go find a top-up machine too.

Also, when I arrived at the Centraal station, I couldn‘t get out thru the gates because I bought an ordinary ticket for the train ride and didn‘t use the ov-chipkaart. You can only chip out when you chipped in at the starting location with the ov-chipkaart. Imagine, a Kurdish 20-something dressed to the nines in designer bags, high heels and big-ass sunglasses couldn‘t get thru the gates. Oops! Oh, well. At least the person at the emergency line helped me out and no one knew me there anyway. 💁🏻‍... and now you guys know about this embarassing situation!

Enough story-telling for now. So the cheat meal was well-deserved to say the least! And it was delicious! I ordered sometime between 3 and 4 PM so the service was quick too! Unfortunately, I couldn't find the in-room menu online to tell you guys exactly what was in the burger. I didn't take a picture of the menu either since I didn't know I was going to blog about this trip. Heck, I didn't know that I would even create a blog in the near future!

One exciting bonus was that they offered a choice of butter and vegan margarine to spread on the bread. I know it's a minor detail but it's a really considerate thing to see especially since I didn't mention that I was vegan when I was ordering the food. This small gesture left a lasting, positive impression.

Quick Brunch at Vegabond

So once I woke up after a night of shopping and short sight-seeing the evening before, I googled "vegan restaurant" and found this gem! It was close to a lot of sight-seeing hotspots such as the Anne Frank huis, Dam Square, Amsterdam Dungeon. Since I wanted to do more sight-seeing during the day, I decided to head there first. I chose the wrap which was filled with hummus, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh spinach, cucumber and carrots. I also chose the berry banana smoothie which had oat milk in it. Both were freshly made and delicious! Also, the tray was made of wood which was a really cute detail.

Snacking while Sight-seeing at Vlaamse Frites Snackland

In between some sight-seeing spots, I randomly came across this fries stand. My stomach told me to get the medium-sized portion with ketchup. And I did. There is not much to say about fries in general... But those ones were the bomb.com! The fries were nice and thick, not too over- or under-fried and weren't overly salty or oily. I would highly recommend them for a quick on-the-go cheat option. Just make sure you watch out for those hungry pigeons!

Quick, Healthy Dinner at La Place

This particular picture from my Instagram story was from the La Place in Groningen but there are a few spots in Amsterdam as well. Those spots are liksted on the Google Maps add-on below. As you can see, there are many healthy options in this buffet-style chain. Most options are vegetarian- and vegan-friendly. Also, the prices are student-friendly!

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