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Quick and Easy Spring Recipes ( + Storytime)

Updated: Apr 9

So I spent last weekend almost all over the German parts of Switzerland. Hashtag: Tour de Suisse! The weather was to die for and I had a really great time catching up with some close friends!

The first stop was in Lucerne. A separate post will follow soon but here is one of many pictures in front of a gorgeous tree in front of the Seehotel Hermitage. My friend and I couldn't stop obsessing over that tree! 😌

After that day trip I went to visit another friend (one of my best friends from high school) in canton Aarau. She and her mom went over and beyond when it came to providing vegan food for me. I actually cried when I heard how much preparation was made for my overnight visit. I know how much work goes into welcoming guests into your home, especially when they have different food choices than you. So I'm always very thankful when it comes to providing food for us vegan guests.

Quick Vegan Brunch: Polenta with Raw & Steamed Veggies and Pine Nuts

After a light and colorful dinner consisting of a chickpea salad with a variety of fruits, we went to bed and woke up to yet another sunny day ahead of us 😍

For brunch we decided to continue the healthy and colorful theme. My friend prepared polenta with a variety of veggies.

Here is the (rough) recipe:

  • Prepare polenta as instructed in the packaging.

  • Cut up whatever vegetables and herbs you have at hand to stir-fry. My friend had bell peppers, zucchini, cauliflower and fresh herbs from the garden.

  • Heat up a tiny bit of coconut oil and some olive oil to the pan. Add the cut-up veggies and stir fry.

  • Cut up some avocados and cherry tomatoes to eat raw.

  • Have a friend who has a catering / service background to prepare the plate beautifully so that you can make an asthaetically pleasing picture for your blog post 🤗

And voilà! Easy peasy (except for the last part)! Yummy, nutricious and colorful brunch that fills you up without any bloating so that you can still rock your bikini and start tanning... in April! Why not?

Sunday Lunch: Grilled Zuchini, Creamy Noodles and Asparagus

After a few hours of chilling and digesting under the sun, we started to get hungry again. So the grill was prepared! For my friend, her mom and another friend who came by after, they made something with meat. I don‘t know what it was... I didn‘t ask! 😂🙈

Another thing they grilled was the zucchini: my favorite vegetable to grill! It was served alongside with grilled asparagus drizzled with balsamico and noodles with creamy sauce made of cashews. Here's the link to the noodle recipe (in German).

In conclusion I would like to mention three things:

  • I want to thank my friend from Aarau and her mom again for the amazing weekend and food 😍

  • It really is possible and even easy to host a vegan person over to your house and serve great meals. We are grateful if even anything vegan is served, let alone full meals. So don't worry, hosts! Most of us aren't as picky as you may think. As long as it's vegan and there is nothing that we are allergic to, anything goes!

  • Always try to travel, even in your own country or even state! You will always find something new and exploring is what life is about.

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