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Seehotel Hermitage: Lucerne, Switzerland #TBT

Updated: Apr 9

Back in April, I uploaded a blog post about quick recipes and my day spent in Lucerne and Aarau (click here to see the post). I promised back then that I would make a separate post about eating in Lucerne, so this post will be all about just that same day.

As soon as my friend and I arrived in Lucerne by train, the first stop was for lunch at the Seehotel Hermitage's restaurant. I would definitely recommend that you book a table online ahead of time, especially if you want to sit by the terrace. The hotel is located just 10 minutes away from the main train station of Lucerne. It is easily accessible with the car as well as with public transport (bus number 24). If you feel like taking the ferry thru the lake, the ferry terminal is right in front of the hotel. This trip takes around an hour from the main train station and the ferry leaves every 90 minutes. I would only recommend taking the ferry if you are not under a tight schedule and want to enjoy the sea, especially in hot weather.

Just as we arrived at our table by the terrace and started looking at the menu, I already found many positive qualities in this restaurant:

  • the table was thoughtfully decorated

  • the service was quick and friendly

  • the menu had good selection of vegan options that were clearly marked

  • the beverage selection was impressive

  • and the view of the Vierwaldstätter lake was to die for!

That day, we only took two courses. My first choice was the salad consisting of falafel, apple, ginger and asparagus. As a Middle Eastern, I was honestly sceptical at first about this choice since most falafel dishes that I've tried in different locations in Switzerland were dissappointing. I still decided I would try this starter to test Hermitage's competence and I was impressed! It was juicy, not too oily and you could really taste the fresh chickpeas! Well done, kitchen staff! Also, the dressing had a refreshing taste.

To stay in the Middle Eastern / Mediterranean theme, I chose the bulgur as my main dish. It consisted of asparagus, mushrooms and a light tomato sauce. I know that bulgur isn't a dish that many can't cook or season properly but I was impressed yet again in Hermitage. You passed the second test.

Overall, I would say that the Seehotel Hermitage is a top-choice for when you visit Lucerne. The view is impeccable, the food is of great quality, the wine selection is immense and they always change their menu seasonally. The staff was friendly, competent and was properly trained about ingredients and allergy-informations in the menu, despite the constant changes. Also, the portions were just perfect: not too little but still surprisingly filling. At first glance, I thought at first that the portions would be too small for a foodie like me but I was positively perplexed! You can still easily wear that tight dress and have your pictures taken after enjoying your meal at Hermitage.

Talk about pictures: there was a gorgeous tree between the restaurant terrace and the ferry terminal. As you can see in the last post, I mentioned that my friend and I took many pictures of ourselves in front of that tree. They came out beautifully and, of course, #InstagramWorthy!

After the impromptu photoshoot, we headed to the town centre by bus where we shopped, looked around and celebrated the first warm day after a long winter with a sorbet each.

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