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Review: Biomed Organics

Updated: Apr 9

I was contacted by Biomed Organics and was kindly sent a package to review not just one but three of their products which was very kind of them. Disclaimer: Although I was sent these products for free, this is not a sponsored post and my own opinions are that....my own. I do share a promo link at the end of the review but it is just for you guys to profit from.

Why switch to natural cosmetics?

Our bodies absorb most of the chemicals that we apply on our skin, not just from skin care but also deodorants, fragrances, body washes, shampoos, makeup etc. An average woman can absorb up to 2 kilograms of chemicals per year just from skincare and cosmetics alone.

One of the most dangerous ingredients to avoid is parabens. According to Biomed Organics' website, "in a recent UK study, 99% of participants with breast cancer had paraben accumulation in their tumors". If those facts don't scare you into switching to natural, organic skin care, I don't know what will!

What is Biomed Organics?

Biomed Organics is a German medical skincare brand that focuses on using almost only natural products and is against animal testing, which are two points that I support the most. They do perform clinical trials and dermatological tests to ensure the safety of the end products. Therefore, they are safe enough to be sold in pharmacies. Also, the products are vegan. They have problem-specific product lines to target a range of common skin issues, i.e. "First Aid" for sensitive skins or "Forget Your Age" for consumers interested in anti-aging products.

Biomed Organics does not include:

- parabens

- phenoxyethanol

- mineral oil

- synthetic perfume

- animal testing

in the production of their products.

Aqua Detox Face Mask: Clarifying, Detoxifying Face Mask

This mask claims to detoxify the skin from free radicals with Purisoft®, mattify the skin with kaolin clay, give the pores a purifying deep clean with almond oil and moisturize the skin with aloe vera.

When applying the mask, I do feel a slight tingling sensation but still not as harsh as other clay / detox masks that I have tried out from other companies. The skin does feel moisturized and cleansed after using the mask and not tight or stripped off all the natural oils. When I don't use the mask for over a week, I notice new pimples forming, reminding me that it's time to use the mask again. Once I use it again, my pimples did get noticeably smaller and less irritated. All in all, I would definitely recommend this mask!

Fresh Eyes: Eye Cream

This eye cream claims to de-puff your eye bags with buckwheat wax, moisturize with aloe vera and wild mango butter and smoothe the skin with cotton seed oil. It is rich in vitamin A and natural antioxidants.

Being a freak when it comes to anti-aging products, I already had a collection of eye creams before this collaboration. Since receiving this product in the mail, I noticed that I grabbed this eye cream more often than the others in my nightly skin care routine. Like the aqua detox mask, it does give a slight tingley and cooling feeling but it's also not as harsh as other eye creams that I own.

I only use this at night even tho it is recommended to use twice daily. When I wake up after using this cream, my eyes still feel fresh and moisturized but not so much that it feels greasy. I don't suffer from eye bags, so I can't say if the buckwheat wax truly does de-puff your eye bags or not. Also, it has a nice, mild smell. I would definitely recommend trying it out!

Ingrow Gone: Ingrown Hair Removal

This lotion claims to remove and prevent ingrown hairs and reduce razor burns and bumps. Its main ingredients are denaturated alcohol and salicylic acid. To remove existing ingrown hairs you are supposed to use this lotion twice daily and to prevent future ingrown hairs you are supposed to use this lotion twice a week.

After trying this lotion for 5 weeks, I don't really see a difference. To clarify, I don't experience major razor burns or inflamed ingrown hairs. The ingrown hairs that I do have are just stuck under the skin but don't have a pimple-like or inflamed appearance. For a problem this small, it's not fair to test the true effect. Also, I'm not really a fan of the strong, alcoholic smell that this lotion has when applying it. Nevertheless, it didn't burn my skin at all.


All in all, I definitely am a fan of Biomed Organics not just for their philosophy but also because their skin care products do work and are affordable. I will definitely continue using the Aqua Detox face mask and the Fresh Eyes eye cream and I'm curious to try a few of their other products.

If you are interested in any of the products mentioned or anything else from Biomed Organics, click here to visit their website. Don't forget to use my promo code for 30% off your order, available only until April 30th 2019:


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