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REVIEW: Beauty Gummies by SkinWinnies

Updated: Apr 9

If you are an active Instagram or Youtube consumer, you may have most likely heard of different "vitamin gummies" that claim faster hair and nail growth or refreshed skin or whatever. Being a health-nut, I've always been curious to try one of these gummies especially since I am terrible when it comes to pill-taking. My main problem was that none of them were vegan-friendly.

I then discovered these Swiss-made and vegan Beauty Gummies by DLSK Beauty. I was sent a 3 month #PRpackage to try out and review. This is my honest opinion after 6 weeks of trying their product. Spoiler alert: they are worth the hype.

What are SkinWinnies?

SkinWinnies are chewable vitamin supplements that are shaped like stars and peach flavored. They were developed by an FDA approved company here in Switzerland and the safety and effects of their product were approved and proven under strict regulations.

They are free of:

❌ gelatine

❌ soy

❌ lactose

❌ artificial flavors

❌ artificial colors

According to their website, DSLK Beauty claims that the consistent intake of their provided vitamin complex found in SkinWinnies will result in:

- prevention of fine wrinkles

- a natural glow

- stronger and longer hair

- minimized pores

Their serving sizes consist of 100% of the needed vitamins for an adult person, no less and definitely no more: An overdose of vitamins can lead to hypervitaminosis which can lead to toxic symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, bone pain, sensitivity to sunlight etc. If you stick to their dosage of 2 gummies per day, you reach the maximum, healthy dosage.

I briefly mentioned the vitamin complex that is found in SkinWinnies. What's special about their vitamin mix is that each and every ingredient seems to be thought out on a chemical level. Being a bio-chemistry enthusiast back in high school, I was positively surprised at how well thought out their ingredients were! This complex, as you see on the diagram below, ensures that each and every ingredient can be well absorbed and used to their full potential.

"Without Magnesium, Vitamin C is useless. Without Vitamin E, Magnesium is useless. Without Vitamin C, Vitamin E is useless. Vitamin K is strengthen by Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Only with good defense against free radicals, biotin and hyaluronic acid can use their full power." (https://skinwinnies.com/)

First Impressions

Upon opening a new bottle, I noticed that the cap was child-proof, meaning that you could only open the container by twisting the cap while pressing down on it. This is a nice detail and a huge plus for moms out there!

When I first tried the gummies, I had to resist myself to not go overboard and eat the whole container! The peach-flavored gummies were so yummy and didn't have a chemical taste like the regular gummies we grew up with as kids. They were easy to chew and it was definitely easy to keep a consistent intake of the vitamins, which is not necessarily the case for me if the supplements were in a pill form. I kept one bottle at home and one at work.

Results after 6 weeks

I noticed some positive changes within the first few weeks already in my nails, hair and skin.


As you may or may not notice, I have acrylic nails. Before I started using SkinWinnies I could get away with not filling my nails for 3-4 weeks before the re-growth is noticeable. After using SkinWinnies, I noticed that I couldn't wait longer than 2 weeks until I had to get my acrylics filled again! My nail technicians and I were just as shocked as the other. I never expected such an incredible result. This obviously didn't happen overnight. It took around a month for me to notice the new growth speed. One negative point: Due to this new growth rate, I now have to go to the nail technician more often and spend even more money per month for my nails. For some, this may be a nice, #firstworld issue, for some it can be a hassle.


Since my natural hair is pretty dark (around level 2) and my "un-natural" hair is pretty light (between a level 8 and 10). To say the least, this is the perfect condition to truly test out the growth speed of hair when trying out SkinWinnies. Before taking SkinWinnies, I could wait 5-6 weeks before finally going to the hair salon for a touch-up. Nowadays, the time I need between salon visits is pretty much the same. So, for me, I didn't exoerience faster hair growth after testing SkinWinnies out for 6 weeks. What I did notice tho, is that I've had "good hair days" more often than before! My hair feels softer and more maintainable, without even changing my shampoos or my hair routine.


Oh, boy. This was the first thing I got complimented on ever since my trial with SkinWinnies. Within just a week of the trial, I was bombared with compliments. The people around me kept asking me if I was in love because my skin was glowing! Mind you, I didn't change my makeup routine or my diet. I was thrilled! I also noticed that my pores clogged a little less. Other than that, I didn't experience the claimed skin miracles that I would get, such as less wrinkles and completely clear skin. I personally don't have wrinkles at the fine age of 25 but I've had fine lines underneath my eyes since my late teens. They didn't seem to fade but I don't mind them at all to begin with. Also, suffering from adult acne, I did notice that new pimples would form less often on the face and that the healing process is much quicker. Stress and bad eating habits would still trigger new pimples tho, no matter what kind of vitamin supplements you take. In the end, they are supplements, not replacements for good sleep, exercise, a balanced diet and a stress-free life.


I really do believe in SkinWinnies! I will definitely keep on recommending it to others, especially in real life. There has absolutely been improvements in my skin, hair and nails.

I personally will get more packages for myself in the future. To me, even the cost per dosage is pretty affordable, e.g. if you get a 6-month package worth 137.82 $, each dosage costs just 76 cents! That‘s less than a dollar a day for your beauty and well-being.

Thank you again Désirée and your team from SkinWinnies for introducing SkinWinnies to me 🍑♥️

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xx Sherry

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