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Want to Date a Vegan? – Here's What You Should Know

Updated: Apr 9

You are interested in someone but, oh no, they're vegan?! What to do? Is it a turn-off for you that the person you are attracted to is an animal lover and wants to save the planet? Are you scared that they are going to judge you when you decide you want to eat a steak at your next date? All kidding aside, this may be a challenge for you to tackle if you decide that you want to pursue this person.

In a survey done by the German dating website gleichklang.de with over 5000 vegan participants between the ages of 18 and 84, 60% of vegans wish for a vegan partner. Also, 74% have always hoped that their significant other who eats meat would consider becoming vegan. 51% of participants admitted that they're actively tried to convince their partner to stop eating non-vegan food.

It has also been discovered that meat-eaters in relationships with vegans are 78% more likely to reduce their meat consumption and 53% more likely to stop eating meat altogether at home.

Here's the good news for the men out there: 64% of female vegans are more likely to enter into a romantic relationship with a meat-eating spouse than a male vegan, rather than only 41% of male vegans. However, this may be due to the fact that there are far more female than male vegans in general.

Note that the reason why vegans choose this lifestyle may be a factor in their partner choices. Vegans who choose not to eat meat or animal products because of health reasons have less of an issue with a spouse who eats meat than vegans who chose the vegan diet out of a concern for animals.

All in all, rest is assured for you meat-eating men out there. According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Padova, Italy, when women were presented with fake bios of men that either showed food preferences that included meat or yogurt, they preferred the men who ate meat. It showed that "vegetarian men were considered less attractive because they were perceived as less masculine" and that "women preferred omnivorous men, rated them as more attractive, and felt more positive about them than vegetarians".

There might additionally be a biological reason behind your attractiveness to female vegans. In a study done in the Czech Republic, the odors of those on a non-meat diet were considered "significantly more attractive, more pleasant, and less intense" after following a non-meat diet for two weeks.

Furthermore, becoming vegan has many great benefits. According to PETA, vegans have a higher libido, last longer in bed and are overall happier. Moreover, we could be more pleasing to the eye. Some of the reported appearance benefits of a vegan diet are:

  • Brighter eyes

  • Clearer skin

  • Thicker hair

  • Lower fat levels

  • Lower sodium levels (=less puffiness)

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